[MLB-WIRELESS] Routing within Melbwireless

Simon J Mudd sjmudd at pobox.com
Sun Feb 2 20:21:37 EST 2003

andrewg at d2.net.au (Andrew Griffiths) writes:

> Heh, I am doing some stuff for it, just need to write the zebra
> config, sheesh. I'll prolly get around to uploading it somewhere for
> comments something :/

Rather simple but should get you going. look at


Also if you are interested the Spanish routing table is on
www.redlibre.net on the left hand side "Rutas en la RedLibre" or at
URL http://nodo01.guadawireless.net/rutas.txt

They are independently using OSPF in the MW and RL networks and link
the two using BGP.  This has been running for some time now.

10.34.x.x are RedLibre nodes
10.64.x.x are MadridWireless nodes
172.16.64.x are MW p-t-p links between nodes
172.66.96.x are RL p-t-p links between nodes

If you guys have a number of interconnected nodes which work 24x7,
perhaps a BGP link from Melbourne Wireless to Spain might be
interesting, even if the link is "virtual" and not wireless. ??

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