[MLB-WIRELESS] applied telysyn "at-mc16"

Simon Butcher pickle at alien.net.au
Sat Feb 1 16:55:11 EST 2003

> if one is running a single node to single node connection, 
> couldn't you have 2 
> pcs, each with 2 NICs, and set up a routing loop so that 
> traffic is one way 
> only... then no collisions, no contention, very high speed.

Go one better.. You know under linux you can combine ethernet devices to
create one virtual big fat ethernet device :) I did it once with four
expensive 100baseT cards in full duplex (two per machine - cross over
cables between them) and it worked really nicely..

To avoid flames, I'm sure other *nix's/*BSD's can do it too, yes yes..


 - Simon

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