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No it can't MacOS X is based on BSD and NOT linux.  So linux drivers 
would be useless for anything but linux.


rick wrote:

>as i dont own a mac with pci slots yet.... i would love to see teh results
>(cough macosX) can this use the linux drivers for a plx card?
>also has anyone had experiance with riscos? and its hardware?
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>>>ok another dumb question, but i am sure non mac users would
>>>be curious about
>>>this, i know windows has a auto detect hardware, and diff
>>>flavors of linux
>>>have similar probeing abilities, if i put in a richo pcmcia
>>>-pci card in it
>>>will it say someing like "warning will robinson that card isnt mac
>>>compatible you should go invest another 200$" or will it just
>>>sit there
>>>untill i install drivers?
>>Umm, have you tried this?  Guess I'm a bit more daring in that as long as
>>the hardware's electrically compatible, I'll try plugging it in and seeing
>>what happens. :)
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