[MLB-WIRELESS] What's Paul doing now???

Tony Langdon tlangdon at atctraining.com.au
Thu Oct 31 14:24:04 EST 2002

> I am at Swinburne (caia.swin.edu.au) setting up a wireless 
> test bed :-) for 
> the next 3 months or so...

Cool! :)

> as it is I won't be able to make the meeting as I will be 
> somewhere between 
> here and Broken Hill (now that would make an interesting long 
> range test... 
> perhaps we should get the packet radio bods in to look at 
> using non-802.11 
> links to do long haul connections :-)

Piece of cake on 7 or 10 MHz... :)  Hmm, if there was someone willing to
talk to us in a demo style setup, I'd consider hauling out the HF gear and
TNC.  :)

> Anyway, we here at Swinburne CAIA are rather interested in 
> seeing how we can 
> support Melb Wireless.  Please drop me a line (initially at 
> my home address - 
> gabpaul at melbpc.org.au - at least until I get my work address 
> sorted... HR 
> works in mysterious ways...) if you can think of ways we can 
> assist the 
> wireless community.

I'll see if any ideas come to mind...

> We are also going to be setting up IPv6 on our wireless testbed...

l337! :)
> Long term we are interested in attracting research funding 
> and interesting 
> projects to run on the test bed...  Please feel free to 
> contact me in this 
> regard if you have any ideas...

Well, has anyone got a really satisfactory mesh going in the past?

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