[MLB-WIRELESS] Green light for installfest/field day

sanbar sandbar at ozemail.com.au
Wed Oct 30 12:42:17 EST 2002

Hey all,
OK, the November 23 installfest and field day is definitely happening.

If you want help setting up an access point, <a
href="mailto:antifsck at wireless.bur.st?subject=[installfest] access
point">e-mail me</a> via this link. Please provide details in the e-mail
about your hardware, operating system, what you want it to do and what
problems you are having. If you're running proprietory software, please
bring the OEM CDs.

There will be two morning sessions running side by side: access point
hacking and antenna hacking.

If you want help hacking a Galaxy antenna, making a yagi or an omni, or
even hacking a cantenna for warstumbling, <a
href="mailto:antifsck at wireless.bur.st?subject=[installfest]
antenna">e-mail me</a> via this link. 

People bringing PCs to Strathcona will need to bring their PC, a screen,
keyboard and mouse, all power cables, power board, and a length of cat5
cable (that means you will need a network card in your machine). If
you're antenna hacking, try and get all your bits and pieces together
before attending. If you're hacking an omni, bring a piece of wood and
some nails to make a jib for soldering the elements together. If you
have a soldering iron and solder, please bring it.

A trolley will be available to help you cart gear from the carpark to
the wireless room. PLEASE LABEL ALL YOUR EQUIPMENT. A server should have
mirrors of almost all of the latest *nix releases and drivers, and
notebook computers will be available to flash PCMCIA cards with the
latest firmware.

The afternoon will be put aside for playing with equipment. It's meant
to be a session where people can try various network protocols and
benchmark their gear. If anyone is considering running a specific trial,
<a href="mailto:antifsck at wireless.bur.st?subject=[installfest] network
trials">e-mail me</a> with the details and we'll lock it in as part of
the event.

A number of people have volunteered their assistance and equipment for
the event. I'll be contacting you in the next few days to work out what
you will be doing. If anyone wants to sell stuff on the day vis a vis
the Melbourne Wireless meetings, can you contact me at
antifsck at wireless.bur.st.

- Barry

barry park
http://wireless.bur.st/ ||| community wireless project
http://wireless.org.au/ ||| melbourne wireless node bca
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