[MLB-WIRELESS] Newslist problem

Paul Kenna kenna at optusnet.com.au
Tue Oct 29 22:00:45 EST 2002

My apologies for posting this to the list.  

I have emailed the owner of the list without response.  Indeed any
contributiuons I've offered to the group via its president have been
ignored.  I'm not fussed to be ignored as this is a valid response to an
offer to assist the cause, its just not encouraging.  Obviously you must
have an oversupply of lawyers and former lobbyists with conections with
the current federal government, or that this is not an acceptable
pedigree for Melb Wireless 
<end sarcasm>

My problems with the melb wireless list is that I get multiple posts.
At the moment its only 2 copies of every post.  I only have one email
address registerd on majordomo.  In the past I was getting up to six
copies of every post.  I unsubscribed for three weeks and got nothing
and then when I resubscribed I'm back to two copies of each post.  Two
is a nuisance six is so distracting that you've got to do something
about it. 

Hopefully if others are having the same problem this will encourage some
focus on the problem.  Otherwise I'll get back to work trying to get a
node to work



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