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Hello vak,

v> No-one said MW was. But the point maken was that as a group, MW has a
v> responsibility to warn it's members. It's bad enough that people thing that
v> organisations like MW are "hacker groups" - believe me, it's a real
v> perception.

And that's the whole problem till we get rid of the stigma no one is
likely to take any of this serious...

My point was simple, JT is making a mountain out of a mole hill, and
he tends to irritate a lot of people, and by harping on the same point
and flaming back and forth on the list was way more counter productive
then just making a simple point if the software was legit or not...

It hasn't been proven that any hardware to date was not stolen, why
should there be such a big fuss over software? I mean wouldn't take
much for a few cartons of wireless cards to fall off the back of the
truck and be sold off as if they were legit now would they?

Were all those bulk buys 100% legit?

Should we be asking for receipt scans as put so well previously?

Just because MS is a large and somewhat successful marketing company
doesn't mean they are the only ones effected by stealing so why should
such a stance be made on their products and not the rest of the good
in question?

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