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Subject: [Syd-Wireless] Proposal to revoke the Radiocommunications Class Licence (Spread Spectrum Devices)

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Subject: [Syd-Wireless] Proposal to revoke the Radiocommunications Class
Licence (Spread Spectrum Devices)

>   Anyone else notice the following on the ACA website?
>   -----
>   http://www.aca.gov.au/issues/discussion/spsppubliccomment.htm
> The ACA proposes to revoke, under section 135 of the
> Radiocommunications Act 1992 (the Act), the Radiocommunications Class
> Licence (Spread Spectrum Devices).
>  To replace it, the ACA proposes to issue, under subsection 132(1) of
>  the Act, the Radiocommunications (Spread Spectrum Devices) Class
>  Licence 2002.
> A package containing a copy of the existing class licence, the new
> class licence and a background paper may be obtained by contacting and
> providing a postal address to the contact officer below.
> Closing date for Comments: 15 November 2002

And if you read on, it says:

The replacement class licence incorporates provisions accommodating:

the 2001 amendments to Rule 15.247 made by the Federal Communications
Commission (FCC) of the United States of America and the European
Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) standard ETS 300 328;

the application of the 4 watt EIRP limit throughout the band 2400?2483.5

a generic section that requires certain equipment authorised by the class
licence to comply with standards made under section 162 of the Act; and

non material structural changes, in order for the class licence to comply
with current drafting practices.

So in effect, rather than ammending the licence, they are just replacing it.


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