[MLB-WIRELESS] HardwareZ... & discussion of legalities etc....

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All i wanted to do was sell some hardware 
which i thought people could use and help them with a constructive node.


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  OK everyone....


  I, for one, am sick of the ENTIRE thread. I feel sure that others are, too.

  however, I would like to add a few points.... 

  1)    in reference to e-mail formats... every single one of my e-mails is dual formatted, so if you have a HTML mail client great... you get to see the pretty stuff... if not too bad, but you CAN still read it quite happily. and I DO NOT GIVE A DAMN about e-mail formats or ANY discussions regarding the pros and cons of different formats. I have not had a single complaint about my e-mails being unreadable, so.... if it ain't broke dont fix it....

  2)    to Shaun, John Teh has NO OFFICIAL role in MW,  as a current committe member, I would know if he did.

  3)    to John Teh, I like about 99.9% of the rest of the list don't want to hear petty bickering and poorly constructed, negative criticism of anyone on this list. If Shaun wishes to advertise some equipment that is up to him, especially as the equipment in question is ideal for a small router node or similar purpose. If you do not have CONSTRUCTIVE advice or comments to offer, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. If you have a GENUINE concern of the legality of anything that is for sale, ask POLITELY, OFF LIST, and i feel sure that your question will be answered in kind. No one is above critisism, but some of the comments that you have offered today are simply derogatory and nasty, not to mention implying a large amount of dishonesty on Shauns part. None of these actions are, or will ever be condoned by MW. 

  4)    to Shaun, a small suggestion, next time you advertise a system (should you desire to) please include comments about the OS (i.e. OEM etc)

  5)    To all who raised questions on MS licencing issues. MS Licences ARE transferable, under certain circumstances. Go read your licence agreements REALLY carefully and you will find a section entitled "SOFTWARE TRANSFER", it reads:

  "You may permanently transfer all of your rights under this EULA only as part of a sale or transfer of HARDWARE, provided you retain no copies, you transfer all of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT (including all component parts, the media and printer materails and upgrades, this EULA and if applicable, the Certificate(s) of Authenticity), and the recipient agrees to the terms of the EULA. If the SOFTWARE PRODUCT is an upgrade, and transfer must include all prior versions fo the SOFTWARE PRODUCT."

  Capitalisation as per the document. This came from a current Win 98 EULA, the Win ME, WinNT , W2K and WinXP EULA's all contain the same clause. Of course, in the next paragraph of the EULA, MS goes on to state that it reserves the right to terminate and any all rights to use the software at it's discretion IF you fail to adhere to the EULA.


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