[MLB-WIRELESS] NOT - HardwareZ 4 Sale

Justin littlejuz at optusnet.com.au
Tue Oct 29 15:42:15 EST 2002

Give it a rest guys.... Time for another subject or 5.

 - Anyone got a Galaxy antenna they want to sell me?

 - Guys in Wantirna and Wantirna South, I tried to war drive both your
placed but had no luck. When you gonna be 24 x 7?

 - Are the black dish antennas I see of roof tops any good?

 - Anyone wanna sell me a decent prisim2 chipset 100 mW card, or swap for a
$50 enterasys + some $ ;)

 - Anyone got a decent omni they want to sell me, or a good design for a 12
db one?

 - Has anyone got a Win XP box running with a directional link and an omni
AP working on the one box? If so, please tell.

 - Or even on Win 2K for that matter.

 There, that should hopefully give everyone something to talk about other
than the current topic.


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