Jason Clarke midwaym19 at ozemail.com.au
Tue Oct 29 13:20:07 EST 2002

*can't resist*

> On Tue, Oct 29, 2002 at 10:48:58AM +1100, Jason Clarke wrote:
> > Vak,
> >
> > First off, a flame to JT :-) He's done his usual sarcastic condescending
> > comments :-) Please don't JT. It annoys people.
> What a load of crap. If this is a warez list, could the maintainer please
> unsubscribe me now; if not, let's talk about wireless networking.


The machine he's selling would be of use to someone looking to setup a node.
I know I bought a P2-266 for this reason.

The rest of it, it's of negligble use, but still somewhat on track (Ok, the
ZIP and CDRW shouldn't be there)

> > 2ndly, I'm not a lawyer, so this may be off..
> >
> > Cash converters often sell stolen goods, but they're not (well, I guess
> > rarely, I'm sure it's happened) pulled up about it because they receive
> > goods in good faith.
> The poster did not mention an increase in price for a cost OS, as opposed
> a no-cost OS, so I really doubt there's good faith here.

So what? I sold an old P-133 with a boxed Win95 available. Same price for
with or without. You're jumping to a huge conclusion there.

> > Does this apply here in that the onus is on Shaun rather than MW?
> Sure, but if no-one every says anything when goods of questionable
> are offered for sale, there's nothing to guide others who may be thinking
> of posting their own goods, that this is not appropriate for a community
> wireless mailing list.

I agree totally!

> > I guess what I'm saying is "It's a good thing to bring this to light,
but do
> > we have a responsibility to do so?"
> >
> > Also, who's ultimately responsible for checking the legitimacy of all
> > hardware & software sales?
> >
> > I agree that obvious illegal activities (Eg, offering to copy software)
> > should be nipped in the bud.
> >
> My main point is, this list is for discussions related to community
> networking, with the occasional non-commercial post with *wireless* goods
> for sale, being acceptable. If this starts becoming a trading list for
> everything and anything, including that which is not legal, it'd be a
seriously poorer quality list.

Again I'm in agreement here!

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