Jon Teh jon at unicomsystems.com
Tue Oct 29 13:23:43 EST 2002

On Tue, Oct 29, 2002 at 01:02:30PM +1100, rick wrote:
> if he has the a oem cd that came with teh system he can provide that, also
> he could have preintsalled one of the 30day trial copys of winxp and winme,
> like cash converters who sell pre installed os's it is illegal, but if at
> any stage this is brought up before the courts, cash converters is given 2
> options, 14 days to provide legal software free of charge (they give you
> win95b) or they will back up your software and format your sistem and give
> it back to you

Possession of a Windows CD does not equate to haveing a legitimate license.
Read the EULA, Windows licensces are NON-TRANSFERABLE. This issue had been
causing some grief to charities using second hand PCs, so many of the more
sensible computer charities have switched to Open Source alternatives.

> and i am tired of JT's mini flames 24/7 if a email has teh in it instead of
> the well theres another email jt sends, if a email was formated wrongly
> thats another email, if it uses a font he doesnt like well thats another
> email.... the list goes on, and it underminds the feeling of a cominitte
> that every time you do something wrong you get yelled at, i am in the belife
> that positive renforcement is the key, like thanks for offering all that
> stuff you dont use anymore at great prices to the melb wireless group!

24/7, slight exaggeration. I don't reply to every and any HTML formatted 
email message. 
Just so it doesn't have to be repeated in what you call a 'flame', there is
only one format suitable for posting to most public mailing lists, including
this one, and that is plain text. The reasons have been said a thousand times,
but if anyone is unsure, please email me privately, and I will help you in a
kind fashion (I am serious).

Anyway, can we get back to talking about wireless? :)


-- Jon Teh 

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