[MLB-WIRELESS] Installfest/field day - making order from chaos

Tony Langdon, VK3JED vk3jed at optushome.com.au
Sat Oct 26 09:58:45 EST 2002

At 08:53 AM 26/10/2002 +1000, you wrote:

>Therefore, it's proposed that we have an antenna-making session running
>alongside an access point-making session until lunch time. After lunch,
>it's play time. The question is, play what?

Well, is there a footy oval or similar open space nearby that we can 
use?  If so, we could have an antenna "shootout" - see what relative gain 
different antennas have.  Perhaps setup some OSPF and VoIP and have a large 
chat room - see how far we can push it with strategically placed nodes. :)

>If you are interested in accessing help with either building an antenna
>or hacking/configuring an access point, can you let me know? Also, if
>there is any specific activity you wish to trial in the afternoon, again
>let me know.
>Strathcona is giving us access to a meeting room with a projector. It
>would be remiss of us to not give a presentation going into what
>Melbourne Wireless is about and what it hopes to achieve. Also, it would
>be interesting to give some form of technical Q&A session for LUV people
>who show an interest in what we are doing. Would anyone like to put
>their hand up for any of these? Or even suggest their own seminar?
>Again, e-mail me ASAP.

We should look at promoting ourselves to groups such as LUV and 
MLUG.  There is a lot of overlap in the interests of each group.  I can't 
make any specific commitments yet, but I should be able to help out somewhere.

73 de Tony, VK3JED

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