[MLB-WIRELESS] NodeDIB in Northcote is active

Joris joris at linux.be
Fri Oct 25 18:48:49 EST 2002

On Fri, Oct 25, 2002 at 06:15:04PM +1000, Abe Orchard wrote:

> it be useful if you had some software that allowed you to sneek a small but
> manageable amount of traffic through that firewall each day. (say 10% of
> your daily allowance)  but avoided the risk of bandwidth hogs using all your
> traffic allocation for a month in a afternoon downloadathon?
Two toughts crossed my mind:

1) more than traffichogging, I'm concerned about abuse of my connection.
Eg, to launch a virus, do bad stuff on irc, attack a website...

2) traffic-limiting can be done right in only one way: allow for a small
amount of bandwith, all day long, and split it equally over all nics
associating with your network. Perhaps implement a max per nic.
If you limit it for a certain amount a day, it will be used up quickly, and
later users are dried up. If you limit the permanent avaiable bandwith, one
user will hog it up...

For the software, I imagine you'd have to use trafficshaper, QoS etc...

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