[MLB-WIRELESS] RE: [Innernorth] NodeDIB in Northcote is active

James Healy jimmy at deefa.com
Fri Oct 25 17:53:41 EST 2002

I 'spose I should've explained the setup:

- P133 running Debian (thanks to Axxs for the help with that)
- Enterasys PCMCIA card in a Ricoh Cradle (thanks to Matt up in Cragieburn
for the cards, and matt Chipman in Cranbourn for the cradle)
- ~14m LMR400 (care of Julian)
- ~8dbi 'txrx' omni (from troy mitchell)
- oodles of zip ties (you know the ones you get when you use the spa at your
local pool. Man those things are handy, cant get enough of them!) (care of


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Just letting everyone know that with a substatial amount of help from Julesf
and Exidyboy, NodeDIB went active today.

No one to connect to yet, so get your arse into gear! (although i dont have
the _best_ LOS, i do have some.

Feel free to try and connect. Its running www, dhcp and ssh. Everything else
is firewalled tight - so no leeching from my phat optus pipe! Let me know if
you have any luck...


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