[MLB-WIRELESS] Worldwide 'war drive' set for Saturday

Tyson Clugg tyson at wireless.org.au
Fri Oct 25 14:24:46 EST 2002

From: "Will Lanigan" <chooken at m00t.cjb.net>
> hmm, tyson, what is the name of that guy who drives limos that has come to
> wireless meeting in the past? he could possibly come of service.
That would be Mr. Langdon I believe.

> also, i have a 300watt inverter - if someone needs to borrow it they're
> welcome as long as it comes back to me :-) (preferably someone i know
> ehehhe)
w00t!  May I?

> unfortunately with exams approaching i can't justify spending a day
> the town for networks.
Alas, good on you for dedicating yourself to a better cause though (your


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