[MLB-WIRELESS] For Sale Hardware List Update!

Glen Brunning bchild at wireless.org.au
Thu Oct 24 10:52:12 EST 2002

Hi ppl,

I know i've sent a few out already but the cabinets are almost empty and the money
is almost in the bank for my last 7 pigtails for the WL200 cards i've got.

So check this list out and see if anything grabs your fancy:

Second Hand Equipment All in working Order

A1 Racing Steering Wheel/Pedal Set $50 (1)
AGP 64mb x4 Geforce 2 MX 200 $60 (1)
168pin SDRam (32mb) $10 (1)
72pin ram (4mb) $1 each (10)
72pin ram (16mb) $3 each (18)
Pentium 133Mhz CPU's $5 each (4)
SCSI Jaz drive 2Gb $130 (1)
2Gb disks $35 (5)
Banksia 28.8k Internal Modem PCI $5 (1)
LPT tape drive (400/800mb) $20 (1)
400/800Mb tapes $10 each (4)
Glen Brunning
Hardware Tech
Melbourne Wireless Inc

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