[MLB-WIRELESS] TIB pigtail offer by Mitch Kelly

Dave Fregon axxs at axxs.org
Wed Oct 23 12:40:20 EST 2002

On Tue, 2002-10-22 at 10:41, James Healy wrote:
> I know Axxs (erm.. forgetten his _real_ name!) has also written a
> debian/ricoh/enterasys guide for which i (a total debian n00b) was a guinea
> pig. Had to get a little bit of help in a few places, but otherwise was
> fantastic.
> now.. if only i'd bookmarked it...


Hope it helps someone, it was a very quick plonking down of ideas and
gotchyas, feel free to plagiarize, re-use .. and most importantly ..

Dave aka Axxs :P

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