[MLB-WIRELESS] TIB pigtail offer by Mitch Kelly

Fenn Bailey fenn_b at smktech.com.au
Tue Oct 22 10:14:18 EST 2002

> Totally agree. At least you know that the person sent the item.
> I heard some talk about the committe vetting perople who put 
> items on the
> TIB.
> Does this happen or are we expected to just trust everyone (or not)?

Trust no one! No, really - for those of you who may be new to the list
(welcome) or just plain forgetful - I wrote TIB quite some time ago when
we were in dire need of some sort of system to track bulk buys. A few
had gone through successfully, but far more had failed and it was
getting frustrating for everyone (and I wanted my cards dammit ;).

Anyway, just in case anyone is wondering, I have not by any means lost
inspiration with TIB, my life has just got insanely busy and I
(currently) have little time to really work on extra workicular
activities (hence me not being at MW meetings as well).

I did some work on it last weekend and I have a desired feature list as
long as my antenna tower should be, but there are some key features that
are definately going in first, namely:

 - Moderation - Offers are approved by a panel (probably the MW staff)
before going live. This would involve (from my understanding):
Verification of who the person is (before you give them your money), I
believe they may have to be a MW member, checking that the offer is in
the interests of the group and making sure that it is indeed cheaper
than retail (we don't want people ripping others off, unintentionally or

 - Purchase/payment number tracking - Every purchase will be given a
unique ID that can be used for postage, payment/etc.

 - Contact details visible to other registered users. This will mean
that part of making an offer means that certain minimum public contact
details will be visible - I think this is only fair if people are giving
money to a nameless face. Spam should not be an issue as you will need
to be registered and logged into TIB to see these things.

I hope to get (hopefully all of) these changes out sooooon (but I know
I've said that before).

In the meantime (on an aside), I've been having great fun getting all my
wireless bits and pieces up and running and wrestling with linux/etc and
the ricoh cards, non PCI2.2 BIOSes, range testing and a whole heap of
other fun.

I'll try and get a no-compiling-necessary-ricoh-enterasys-debian-howto
up on the Wiki some time soon as well.

Thanks all for your suggestions and help with TIB as well,



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