[MLB-WIRELESS] Passive Repeaters

Ryan McMullan bazil at dodo.com.au
Mon Oct 21 17:42:19 EST 2002


I'm wondering how much success people have had with
passive repeaters?  I've seen a couple of designs, but
havent actually talked to anyone thats using one (though
this may be for a reason :-)

The idea is to use one to hook up with another Melb
Wireless member, as we currently cant get signal to each other due to an
apex of a roof blocking our line of sight,
so our only option at this stage is a passive repeater. The
passive repeater would be about 100m from one node
(8db omni or a 14db pac mono) and about 500m to the
other node (8db omni).

So essentially is this feasible?



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