[MLB-WIRELESS] Access Point Tips and Questions

Tom Parker tparker at netspace.net.au
Mon Oct 21 16:41:32 EST 2002


1.  Has anyone managed to do this (mentioned a few weeks ago -
http://opensource.instant802.com/) upgrade to run linux on an SMC 2652W?  I
want to do this so I can turn my SMC AP into a client.  The hard bit is the
memory card - wondering if anyone has a 4M pcmcia ram/flash card I can
borrow.  CompactFlash is not suitable unfortunately.

2. I found some very interesting web pages about Atmel Based access points.
It seems the linksys WAP11 (prior to version 2.2), the Dlink DWL-900AP (not
the AP+), the Netgear ME102 and the SMC 2655W are all the same electronic
design on different PCBs in different cases.  There are all kinds of SNMP
hacks you can do including power output increases - dangerous, illegal, ugly
(check the spectrum plots at http://www.maokhian.com/wireless/wap11.html).
See http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,2403846~root=dslalt~mode=flat and
http://www.seattlewireless.net/index.cgi/Wap11Hack for more info on these.

3. After trying to get DLINK Australia to help me (I bought the unit in the
US) I managed to recover the password my AP (see previous post) simply by
using the Linksys USB config utility - it does not need a password.  The
linksys utility talks to the SMC USB driver just fine.  The DLINK utility is
better since it gives good visibility into the available statistics in the
device but useless if you don't know the password.

4. The internals of the dlink model I've got are much small than the case -
it doesn't have the usual PCMCIA card either.  It will make an ideal antenna
mounted AP.  I've put an image at

Thanks again to those who had suggestions about getting my p/w to restore.


Tom Parker tparker at netspace.net.au

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