[MLB-WIRELESS] WEP survey - was -Re: mac help?

KevinL darius at obsidian.com.au
Mon Oct 21 11:41:28 EST 2002

On Mon, 2002-10-21 at 02:03, Clae wrote:
> Ten minutes on google and I found a reference to WEP not working on 
> Orinoco cards in MacOS 9.  We switched WEP off, and it logged 
> straight on.  Damn.  So new card, new box or new OS for me.
> So here are my follow up questions :  How many people out there are 
> or plan to run WEP on their public APs?  As it is sort-of insecure 
> anyway, are we better off relying on other forms of security?  And 
> should MW as a whole standardise on this and other protocols, or 
> leave it as it is now, a bit of a free for all?

I'm using ipsec here - no WEP, but an ipsec box on my network that I
link to before doing anything else.

Commercial "hotspot" operators seem to be ignoring WEP, and relying on
standard https for account logins/tools, and leaving the hotspot users
to fend for themselves - so if you plan on using wireless "on the road",
you probably want an ipsec or similar box to link up to anyway, for
peace of mind.  I've heard of some providers considering installing VPN
boxes for users who don't have their own VPN solution but want extra
security, but I don't think anyone's actually done that yet.


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