[MLB-WIRELESS] [TIB] A new offer has been added to TIB - 17/10/2002

vak vak at alphalink.com.au
Fri Oct 18 09:01:18 EST 2002

Yep, the links are on the TIB.

Just in case the links don't work, the model numbers are:

MI5082 (300W)
MI5085 (500W)

Their specs are on the Jaycar website (www.jaycar.com.au). I think when you
compare the RRP to the price they are being offered, your jaw will drop.



Tony Langdon wrote:

> > This is a message from The Incredible Bulk
> >
> > A new offer has been added to TIB.
> > Details as follows:
> > Description:        True Sinewave Inverters (12-240v) from $270
> > Cost per unit:      $270.00
> > Shipping cost:      $12.00
> > Quantity Available: Unlimited
> What's the VA rating of these units?  idle current?  is there a website with
> specs?
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