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Abe Orchard abe.orchard at iadvanceglobal.com
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Not sure if this is relevant to the Melbwireless mailing list. Its my first
post so play nice.

Azure Wireless are dropping free 1 hour prepay cards at hotspots they have
operating in the city. As an apartment dweller without a reliable dialup
connection I have been tempted to signup for their service and spend my free
time down at the local café hotspot but have been somewhat held back by
their $22 per hour charges (plus ISP costs I understand)

I'd love to hear from other city dwellers about what wireless networks are
around. I am located in Collins Street and have  a PC I would be prepared
hook up and point out my window if anyone is about to link to it. I've also
got an office on William St located on the upper floors of an office tower
and might be able to convince the boss to do the same from there.



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I'm looking for a working LCD display that's ~10.2 inch across (diagonally)
and capable of taking a VGA input (not RCA if possible)... Hopefully this
display will run off 14V or lower and capable of 800x600 (prefer

Looking to trade for a working 14" LCD monitor - works from a VGA input with
operating voltage of 14V... Can handle up to 1024x768 at 70hz... Needs power
supply, or can be hooked up directly to car battery and be used in a

Steven Haigh
President - Melbourne Wireless Inc
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