[MLB-WIRELESS] Satellite babysitter

Kym Michael kmichael at sustance.com
Thu Oct 17 19:41:40 EST 2002

I am resident in Adelaide and visit Melbourne infrequently on business, I 
have a small motorhome and intend to spend some longer periods in Melbourne 
using that as a mobile office.

I have a one-way Telstra Satellite Broadband Internet account and carry a 
dish satellite, I normally use a mobile phone for the back channel (still 
expensive... fast, but only on the down-link).

Is there anyone at a suitable high location who is interested in 
baby-sitting my sat dish on their fixed phone line while I am in town, in 
exchange for sharing the use of the broadband connection.

I could then access my own account 24/7 while in Melb. My activities are 
centered on a client in Sandringham, line of sight from a beach a 
reasonable commute from there would give me a good place to park my office 
and work :-) I would leave a dish, small server with wireless card at the 
phone line while in town.

Anyone interested please contact me directly rather than on this mailing list.

Thanks, Kym

Best Regards, Kym Michael

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