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Thanks for the reply, but i'm not sure you get exactly what i mean
What im thinking of building is a passive repeater, one end with a dish type antenna pointing at the nearest mobile tower, and the other end a small omni antenna in the middle of the house (hopefully) supplying the house with optus reception

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  Gday people
    This is a bit off topic from wireless data networks, but it's on the topic of wireless anyway so i thought i'd ask a few questions anyway
    I was thinkin the other day, my house is on one side of a hill, where we get telstra and vodafone reception, but no optus at all. Well, there is one scenario where you get pissweak optus. When the phone is held up against the window pane. Which made me think, does glass (or a specific size of glass) resonate at the frequencies mobile phones transmit at? Or am i way off here.. I think i might be partially right, coz in the middle of the house there's no reception, but at either sides (20m apart) on windows, there is reception. 
  Domestic glass shouldn't cause a problem.  The tinted glass used in commercial offices does do horrible things to RF (I know, I've tangles with it many times on many bands :) ). 
    Anyway, that's a bit off topic again. I was thinking, if i get a galaxy antenna, and mod the dipole so that it's the right length for mobile phone frequencies, and then connect that to an omni in the middle of the house, would this passive repeater give me reception? Or would the signal be way too weak to use a passive transmitter? If it was too weak, would i be able to use a low power amplifier? 
  At 900 MHz, a Galaxy antenna is not goint to be really effective.  a "24 dBi" with a 900 MHz feed would give reasonably good (arounf 12-15dBi) gain at these frequencies, but it would be less trouble to do one of two things:

  1.  Buy a GSM omni antenna.  They can be bought from DSE or some mobile phone retailers.
  2.  Build an antenna. Either an omni (I'm sure Troy could knock one up ;) ) or a Yagi.

  Adding an antenna is probably legal (afterall, some are available aftermarket).  Adding an amplifier can incur _very_ severe fines (> $100,000), unless they are ACA approved.  Your biggest challenge in getting an antenna working is finding the right connectors. :)

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