[MLB-WIRELESS] Hardware For Sale!

Glen Brunning bchild at wireless.org.au
Thu Oct 17 11:17:04 EST 2002

Hi All,

Sorry for the spam just in case anyone is interested I have the following available
for sale:

Assorted 72pin ram chips (4mb-8mb) $1 each
Full Tower AT Case $10 (1)
AT Desktop Case $5 (2)
Sound Card ISA $5 (1)
Sound Card PCI $7 (1)
Scsi 2.2Gb Orb Drive $50 + 1 2.2Gb Orb Disk (1)
GeForce 2 MX 200 $60 (1)
Pentium 133Mhz CPU $5 (5)
Pentium 150Mhz CPU $7 (1)

All Hardware is "Second HandA" and is in working order.

Glen Brunning
Hardware Tech
Melbourne Wireless Inc

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