[MLB-WIRELESS] Need some advice can anyone help?

Mike mike at datafast.net.au
Wed Oct 16 12:04:42 EST 2002

If you have a wavepoint II, then you can simply upgrade the firmware and put in whatever cards you like, I use enterasys cards in mine.

..Unless you're talking about the wavepoint 1?
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  I am looking at replacing our wavepoint dual 2mbps AP with maybe 2 Linksys Wap11 Ver 2.2.
  Wondering if the Wap11 bridges to the LAN (I think it does just wondering if you have had trouble with them) as well as wanting to know if it has 100mw output without being hacked.

  See 4 Wap11's is cheaper than 1 Avaya AP-3 with 2 gold cards and 2 Avaya AP-1 and 1 gold card at the other ends of the 2 links.

  I know we could use a Linux box ( As I use for my community wireless link) and use cards in those.  However a standalone solution is what we are after at the 3 diff points.

  Am interested if you have any other ideas.

  Cisco would be good but big $$$$$$$$$$

  So am after other alternatives



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