[MLB-WIRELESS] Enterasys RMABTw2k.reg File

Michael Weinbergs michael at online-admin.net.au
Fri Oct 11 09:09:28 EST 2002

Does anyone have an original "Enterasys" drivers CD?
Aparently there is an "extra's" directory that contains a file called
and at this point I am willing to try just about anything to try and resolve
this damn WinNTAS problem!
Can someone forward it to me via e-mail?
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Subject: Installing RoamAbout PC card and PCI adapter on Windows 2000


The following is a Primus(R) eServer solution:

ID: ent7011
Domain: primusprod
Solution Class: tac

Goal       Install RoamAbout PC card and PCI adapter

Fact       IBM IntelliStation E Pro

Fact       DELL Dimension 4100

Fact       Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional SP1 Japanese Edition

Symptom    When installing RoamAbout PC card driver version 6.25, after
installing RoamAbout PCI adapter using "RMABTw2k.reg" file, Windows 2000
crashes in the middle of process and reboot.

Fix        In some cases, you can install RoamAbout PC card successfully
using following procedure instead of performing the procedure described in
"Installation guide."

1. attach PCI adapter(CSIBD-PC) to your desktop PC.
2. attach PC card(CSIBD-AJ) and update the driver.
3. run "RMABTw2k.reg"
4. Set parameters(i.e. ESSID, etc)

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