[MLB-WIRELESS] What's Cooking?

Will Lanigan chooken at m00t.cjb.net
Fri Oct 11 00:01:56 EST 2002

Edward Baker, 31, a night watchman at a telephone company's microwave relay
station in Manitoba, Canada.
Baker was found dead on Christmas morning of excessive microwave exposure in
the path of microwave beam emanating from the feed horn at the centre of the
relay station's telecommunications dish. Baker had been suspended for an
earlier safety violation, when he shut off a safety switch and entered a
restricted-access maintenance catwalk to stand in front of the microwave
dish. He told colleagues it was the only way he could keep warm through
Manitoba's freezing winter nights. For his Christmas shift, Baker brought a
12-pack of beer and a plastic chair to work, and sat down directly in front
of the strongest microwave beam. He had not been told about a planned
tenfold boost in the beam's power to accommodate the anticipated Christmas
tele-communications rush. Day watchman, John Burns discovered Baker's body
after being greeted by the odor he mistook for Baker's Christmas roast. The
unfinished beers had exploded.

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