[MLB-WIRELESS] Wireless installfest/field day - November 23, 2002

Tony Langdon tlangdon at atctraining.com.au
Thu Oct 10 09:21:17 EST 2002

I haven't had many problems with recent Red Hat distros either, they've been
pretty much plug and play, except for having to use iwconfig for the ESSID
and other settings. :)

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> Tony, just in case you get some "wireless under XP questions" I'll
> provide you with step by step details on configuring XP.
> 1. Get a wireless card
> 2. put it in the notebook
> 3. use it.
> XP is THE KILLER OS for wireless.  It really is that easy (but in true
> Microsoft PnP tradition, if it doesn't work like I have 
> described above
> then you will have to spend 3 days doing patches and hotpacks and bug
> fixes and flashes and still not get it going!!!
> If you are using fairly common wireless cards, they will work
> auto-magic-ly when inserted into an XP machine.
> Andy.
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> I'm familiar with wireless under Win (just about any version, 
> though not
> a lot of XP exposure) and recent Linux based systems.

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