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Fri Oct 4 09:38:34 EST 2002

Linux Users of Victoria is planning an installfest for November 24 at
Strathcona Baptist Grammar School in Camberwell. They're more than happy
to hold a joint installfest/wireless field day with Melbourne Wireless.
I'm seeking the committee's approval to organise the event jointly with
LUV, and to for me to represent Melbourne Wireless while organising the
If someone could come back to me with a yes/no to either/both of these
questions as soon as possible? We'd have to commit to the event by
Tuesday of next week.
The venue will be provided free of charge - it's an almost exclusively
Linux school and has room to run around for testing antennas. We can
most likely use LUV's resources to manage installation times through the
If this could be included as an item on the next MelbWireless meeting
- Barry

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