[MLB-WIRELESS] Virus risks on Linux?

Ryan Abbenhuys sneeze at alphalink.com.au
Wed Oct 9 09:47:51 EST 2002

I was thinking mainly for protection for things like my FTPd and Samba shares
from people uploading infected files.
So I guess it probably would be a good idea.

>> A question to throw into the linux and open source user circle...
>> Is linux as much at risk to virus' as Windows, etc?
>I think the answer is "yes and no".  Linux is less susceptible to the
>"scripting" type viruses and worms that plague Windows, because Linux
>software tends not to have as much emphasis on automagically doing
>everything when you open an email, whereas Windows (especially Microsoft)
>software has a lot of automatic scripting capabilities, which viruses and
>worms can tap into.  The Outlook preview pane is a classic example of this

>in action.
>Linux users also tend to run their end user apps as a non root user, so the

>amount of damage a traditional virus can do is usually quite limited and not

>system wide (unless the virus can exploit a local root hole on a system
>However, Linux is quite susceptible to certain types of worm, as the Slapper

>worm has proven in recent times, so we're not out of the woods by a long
>> Is it worth installing some sort of linux antiviral software 
>> and if so is there
>> much around that is free?
>> It seems F-Prot antivirus has a linux flavour and is free but 
>> are there others?
>Well, the current crop of antivirus software tends to be biased more towards

>protecting Windows machines, and the value of a Linux version falls into two

>1.  Protecting a Windows machines behind a Linux mail gateway.  With the
>help of Amavis or MimeDefang, the antivirus package can be made to scan
>every incoming message.
>2.  Scanning Windows files on the local host.  Whether the machine is dual

>boot, or acting as a Samba/FTP file server for one or more Windows boxes,
>running a virus scanner can be quite handy.
>For a pure Linux environment, there's no real need for a traditional virus

>scanner.... yet.  That may change one day, if more virus writers target
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