[MLB-WIRELESS] Linux Mandrake 9 now running on Xbox

Bruce Paterson paterson at tassie.net.au
Wed Oct 9 07:20:37 EST 2002

There's been some interesting news at 
http://xbox-linux.sourceforge.net/ for Xbox owners with mod chips.

7 October 2002: Xbox Linux Mandrake 9 available. This is the first 
full Linux distribution for the Xbox, which is 100% compatible with 
Mandrake Linux 9. The 350 MB installation CD includes Gnome, KDE and 
OpenOffice.org and installs in 10 minutes. Read the Press Release and 
the README and download it.

www.xbconnect.com have also released tunnelling software that 
supports a wireless device.

A $400 PIII 733 Linux box...

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