[MLB-WIRELESS] Need password recovery help with a DWL-900AP

Jamie Lovick jalovick at doof.org
Tue Oct 8 18:42:27 EST 2002

On Tue, 8 Oct 2002, Tom Parker wrote:
> In desperation I'm emailing, but I think this is a lost cause (and a
> warning to others).  I've changed the write password on my DWL-900AP
> and did not write it down.  This is pretty stupid, you'll say and
> I'll probably agree, but it was such an easy thing to do with so
> little warning of the consequences.
> I've tried reflashing the firmware (the settings remain intact).  
> I've tried accessing via both USB and SNMP but both require the
> write password to change anything.  I emailed Dlink support and got
> back some daft procedure that required the password anyway to
> perform.  The flash chip is surface mounted, I'm desperate enough to
> try to remove and reprogram it, but I thought I would email here
> just in case.  I've even tried a perl script cycling through
> character combinations but after a few hours it was not far enough
> to make it worth waiting (I guess the SNMP stck probably locks out
> after a certain number of bad passwords anyway.
> Anyone have any further ideas for me?  It is an Atmel based access
> point (won't run Linux) - thanks to Marion (from a former life of
> mine - hi Marion) for the linux link for my other AP (SMC 2652).

I am not sure about the 900AP, but the 900AP+ will wipe it's config if
you hold down the reset button for more than 5 seconds.



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