[MLB-WIRELESS] Node DCH (North Carlton) is up! (sort of)

Mark Dorset mark.dorset at sun.com
Tue Oct 8 08:56:38 EST 2002

I've had a tall-ish mast installed on my roof (see 
http://suburbia.com.au/~mark/wlpic2/) with an omni antenna on top of it, 
so I am pleased to announce that Node DCH is up, sort of(*). It's 
located near the corners of Nicholson and Richardson/Reid Streets 
Carlton North.

There's a couple of people already planning to attempt connection, but 
if anyone is able to point things at it and see anything at all, I'd be 
happy to hear about it...

It's currently set to;

ESSID        dwl1000 (that's DWL1000 in lower case letters)
MODE         ad-hoc
CHANNEL      6

Feel free to try and email me or get hold of me on aim (mdorset) or icq 
(2075455) to let me know if you see get a chance to try it :-).


(*) The system might be offline at night (10pm-8am) a couple of nights 
this week

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