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Wireless Critical to Broadband Roll-Out

Minister for Information Technology Paul Swain said wireless technologies
would have a big part to play in the government's broadband project, known
as PROBE, especially in remote areas.

Mr Swain was speaking at the e-vision Interactive Breakfast No.7 of the
Unwired World series in Wellington this morning.

"It is evisaged that in a number of areas broadband solutions will involve a
combination of technologies, including fixed wire, wireless and satellite."

Wireless is a technology that is still in its infancy but has advanced
significantly since the government introduced its broadband initiatives last
year," said Mr Swain.

"To help with this development Industry NZ is funding a study aimed at
identifying wireless/mobile sector opportunities for New Zealand," he said.

"One of the key purposes of the 'Wireless/Mobile niche industry sector
study', which is currently underway, is to elicit views from the industry on
whether there are constraints to mobile (and fixed) wireless niche sector
growth in New Zealand," he said.

"In particular the study will examine whether there are actions that
Industry NZ could take to overcome constraints that may be identified. Where
necessary a whole-of-government approach may be required.

"It is likely we will learn more about wireless/mobile opportunities from
the niche study and this could indicate an opportunity to develop a specific
targeted programme."

A full text of Mr Swain's speech accompanies this press release.

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