[MLB-WIRELESS] ECNA update and "E-democracy" inquiry

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Wed Oct 2 23:19:45 EST 2002

ECNA stands for E-Communities Networking Association, a national body 
which was set up at the end of the conference "Electronic Networks - 
Building Community" held recently at Monash University.

>Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2002 12:35:14 +1000
>From: Larry Stillman <Larry.Stillman at infotech.monash.edu.au>
>Subject: Update on ECNA activities
>Dear ECNA member
>I am contacting you to encourage you to join the ECNA forum (if you are not
>a member of it yet) which can be joined via www.groups.yahoo.com
>If you are in Victoria, you may be particularly interested to know that
>there is a current parliamentary inquiry into E-democracy, and the relevant
>documents are uploaded onto the yahoo site (under files). Alternatively, you
>can access them via
>http://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/sarc/Current%20Inquires.htm#EDemocracy ,the
>link to the Scrutiny of Acts and Legislation Committee.
>The terms of reference are --
>"The Committee is requested to report on the opportunities available through
>the use of new technologies to improve public access to, and participation
>in, the processes of Parliament and government, including:
>· Netcasting of Parliamentary proceedings;
>· Online interactive and collaborative approaches to policy discussion,
>including citizen email and online forums; and
>· Other technology solutions to promote access and participation;
>and to this end consider the core issues of the:
>· Potential impact of new and emerging technologies on the democratic
>processes of government;
>· Options available to improve democratic processes through the use of such
>technologies (for example, through electronically enabled voting);
>· Costs and benefits of new technologies that promote e-democracy;
>· Equitable access of all citizens to e-democracy;
>· Legal and regulatory factors; and
>· Educational or social barriers to the implementation of e-democracy - "
>Submissions need to be in by the end of October
>A submission is being drafted on behalf of ECNA, and it will be posted on
>the yahoo site for comments in the next few days.  Subscribers to that list
>will be notified when it is there.
>Please also note that we hope to have an AGM in late November and notice
>will be provided.
>Larry Stillman
>Accessibility and Evaluation Unit VICNET
>& Centre for Community Networking Research, Monash University
>03  9903 1801
>www.vicnet.net.au,   www.ccnr.net
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