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Also, if there is a "Plug and Play OS installed" option in the BIOS, try
turning it off. This forces the BIOS to handle PnP settings, and it often
does it better than Linux.

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I concur with Tony, the problem is likely a conflict.
Often in these PC's (with built in NIC's) you can disable the NIC in the
Bios.. disable it and see what happens..
Often as well is the way that the PNP works.
Sometimes disabling the modules in the box (often /etc/modules) can get you
a booting machine. Comment out all of the modules the manually load them
until you find the one that causes you grief.

Eleminate Variables and the answer will be revealed! :o)

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Hi Tony,

The problem is with any interface (eth,wlan&ppp) Unfortunately the eth nic
is onboard... and I have tried shuffling the wireless card around.

Funny thing is though, the machine works great with the old hard drive in
it.... although the M/B is a bit suspect, I remember having problems with it

Looks like its gonna be a rebuild of the system... shouldn't take too long!
(famous last words!!)

Garreth Cain
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Now, everytime I try do ANYTHING with the network interfaces the program I'm
using locks up (not the machine though, I can still get around in other

For example: ifconfig, ifup xxx, ifdown xxx, wlan start/stop or anything
around there locks.
I can't even kill -9 PID it..
Is it just the wireless card or is it any network interface?  if it's a PCI
based system, have you tried swapping cards into different slots or removing
one then trying to ifup the other?

Any thoughts on what could be causing this?
Im reluctant to start again since Ive put a little over two weeks into this
one machine...
Smells like a hardware conflict.  Shuffling cards may help.  Another
possibility is a motherboard or other issue, so you may need to prepare to
do a bit of hardware swapping.

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