[MLB-WIRELESS] Access points....

Ben Anderson a_neb at optushome.com.au
Wed Oct 2 00:28:45 EST 2002

Anyone know if any access points out there have the ability to repeat for another access point securely (128bit+ wep)?


===> main access point -------->  intermediate repeating access point --------->  wireless client

The documentation I've read implies the structure needs to look something like:

===> main AP -----> intermediate======>intermediate2 --------> wireless client

(key:  -----> wireless link ;   =====> wired link)

Yes, I am aware that it's going to halve the bandwidth available to end users without two transceivers on two separate channels - this can halve the costs of setting the network up, so I may choose to live with this limitation presuming it will actually function reliably.

Also, can anyone reccomend an outdoor access point, reasonable omnis for the intermediate AP's, and a sector antenna in the mainAP.  Something that's going to be basically be bullet proof, have a reasonable warranty (or alternativly, be disposably cheap).

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