[MLB-WIRELESS] propriety AP vs homemade linux box

Marian Szczepkowski Marian.Szczepkowski at ericsson.com.au
Tue Oct 1 11:07:05 EST 2002

http://opensource.instant802.com/ is a linux distro for a set of 
embedded wireless boards used in AP's.
This gives all that trendy iptables stuff you can do with mac addresses 
and such.

Donovan Baarda wrote:

>On Mon, Sep 30, 2002 at 07:47:47PM +1200, Steve Wright wrote:
>>I would have thought a homemade Linux box (StrongARM/PC-104/PCMCIA 
>>slots) would be cheaper than a dedicated, proprietry AP - but am I wrong ?
>>Clearly, such a homemade system would be more versatile/configurable, 
>>but cheaper ?
>You obviously haven't tried to buy a StrongARM/PC-104 before... $500 for an
>AP is _cheap_. The only reason to build your own is so you know exactly
>what's in the box. It's not cheaper.
>Having said that, the VIA EPIA MB's at $250 with CPU for a 17cm x 17cm
>fanless board is pretty damn good value.
>But if you want budget, you can't beat second-hand 486 systems... not
>exactly small though.

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