[MLB-WIRELESS] Dropouts with Enterasys cards

Ian Donaldson ian at myinternet.com.au
Tue Oct 1 10:14:51 EST 2002

On Mon, 30 Sep 2002 12:06, Jamie Lovick wrote:

> It could be a firmware issue. I have had issues with some AP's using the
> Orinoco 8.1 firmware, including things like slow transfer rates.

Bingo. Closer inspection shows the card is running firmware "Variant 2, 
version 8.1". As the latest Enterasys firmware appears to be 6.06, I'm 
assuming this is orinoco firmware.

However, the Enterasys flash software doesn't appear to be capable of 
putting 6.06 back on the card. I run the updater, it claims to have flashed 
sucessfully, but when I reinsert the card its reverted back to the 8.1 

Anyone got any ideas why this might be?

Ian Donaldson, SA @ MI                       -- ian at myinternet.com.au

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