[MLB-WIRELESS] driver found -was- Re: {clan-l} URGENT driver/ free ticket folk festival

Clae clae13 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 30 21:39:07 EST 2001

Thankyou to those who rang and made the offer for this adventure;  I am
happy to say the boys found a driver and are now on their way.


At 4:53 PM 11/30/01, Clae wrote:
>hey dwayne and others,
>how would you like a free ticket to the Folk, Rhythm and Life festival at
>Wangaratta tonight (Friday night)?  I am supposed to be driving a band up
>there tonight and playing with them, but I can't do it - sick as the
>proverbial canine.four legged critter.  Car is supplied, they just need a
>driver to go up and come back tomorrow...  so I'm sending this out to
>anyone I can think of who might be interested. If you are interested, or
>anyone else you know of, can you please call me back ASAP on 9866 8014, or
>call Ehsan or Beaver on 0427 723 318.
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