[MLB-WIRELESS] Linux thoughts

Jason Hecker jason at air.net.au
Fri Nov 30 10:08:02 EST 2001

Smoothwall would be the best option for most users.  I talked to Dan_C on
the smoothwall IRC channel a few weeks ago and he alluded to a new
wireless version in the next few months, as he had just started working on
integrating IPSEC with wireless.  Unfortunately, what he implements may
not be what we need - namely dynamic routing control (RIPv2 or OSPF) and
so on.  At the moment though nothing much seems to be happening as we are
all waiting for $100 802.11b cards to drop out of the sky (RSN...) like
manna from heaven.

Until there is some momentum and real world testing and things worked out
like routing protocols, security, IP allocation and whatnot, linux floppy
images for dummies (sic) will be a long time coming.


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