[MLB-WIRELESS] Linux thoughts

Shane Chubb s.chubb at tronics.com.au
Fri Nov 30 08:28:46 EST 2001

Just a quick on e to ask if any body has thought to compile up a Linux
distro with drivers for the most frequently used wireless gear and the
necessary routing stuff?  This would be great to see and I imagine it
would draw a number of new comers to the wireless world.  Think how easy
it would be for new users to install a pre-compiled and configured Linux
distro knowing their hardware was going to work right away.  Would also
make a great package as a easy and quick to setup firewall/gateway.
Anyone using smoothwall? www.smoothwall.org I have it running at home
but have yet to try and compile in some wireless drivers.  They say they
are working on supporting a few wireless cards but they also seem to be
going over to a commercial pay system.  I see this as a perfect
opportunaty for the wireless community to develop such a product.
I would be willing to provide hardware to the necessary people to aid in
the development of such a product.
Shane Chubb 
Systems Administrator
Tronics Pty Ltd
Ph.(03) 94642400
Fax. (03) 94642538
s.chubb at tronics.com.au
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