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nedkelly at leary.csoft.net nedkelly at leary.csoft.net
Wed Nov 28 11:30:19 EST 2001

> > > the problem is you cant contribute or ask a question 
> > without subscribing to 
> > > the mailing list, and tehn you get all the mail....
> > > (Maybe a subscription without a mail out option is needed?)
> > 
> > 
> Not if properly done.  Sometimes it's useful to subscribe with a "nomail"
> option, so you can post from a secondary address, or read the web and post
> from yur address.

Of course, I read it as posting with no subscription, which was totally wrong.

Sorry! Too much spam lately!

Oh and this option is not available under majordomo, only listserv. Well, 
there maybe other mail servers around but they are the ones I see. 
I just went through exactly this rigmarole 2 hours ago with the 
extropians list. They have a seperate list for aliases, as they 
run majordomo and it won't do this. I really like majordomo but 
listserv does have that function.

> Spammers would have to go thru the subscribe&confirm routine to get thir
> cr*p posted..  
> Some cheeky spammers now are starting to subscribe, post, unsubscribe..
> Last one that did that to me has been sh*tlisted. ;-)

yeah but they use spoofed addresses don't they? 
Some lists have confirmation steps. Good idea.

But this list has yet to have that problem, I think.


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