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Horace Pinker horacepinker at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 28 10:41:44 EST 2001

I have filters in place to remove spam but I cant filter into topics, which 
makes it hard to follow a conversation (on a message board all relavant 
history is there.)

>Well, no, actually, it's because there are some of us who prefer to do
>things via email, like me. Sorry if you don't agree, but that's how it
>is. I've only just got back online after being offline for 11 months,
>but I've been able to (sort of) participate in this project because I
>have been able to download my email and read it offline. I sit here
>watching my brother scream in frustration at his hotmail and yahoo
>accounts and I'm going to set up a pop3 account for him so he won't have
>to deal with the lag.
>Webpages are okay, but email works fine for me.

Thats fine but what lag? I use a 56K modem on a lot of boards and dont 
experience any delays.
HINT right clik open in new window all the relevant pages you want to read 
and whilst youre reading the first one the rest loads at the same time than 
its just a matter of switching between them and closing the windows.
I mostly check my email at work and so dont have time to go through all the 
messages at work and if i take them home to answer they are no longer 
relevant as they will be posted by someone else by the time I would  get 
back to the post. So it ends up that if i dont have time to read them i have 
to delete them or the mail account falls over...on a message board they are 
always there.

>Why do I feel that I am explaining basic usage of the internet?
>Is this an oldskool net == email newskool == html thing?


But you know you can subscribe to message boards so they can send all the 
posts to your email.
>This isn't a flame, btw. YMMV as to whether or not it is "another
>uselessly propagating post"

Well it is uselesly propagating but your discussion was welcome(to me 

Also can you "mail" people at least visit the web page and mesage boards 
once every couple of days so you can be up to date, or offer some helpfull 
advice to questions from people that do not wish to be subscribed to the 
mailing list (there is quite few of them out there) I dont wanna dish out 
advice cos I'm propably more of a noobie then the people posting the 

on another note node BED will be testing this weekend...more in the forums 
when i get time to post

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