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Tony Langdon tlangdon at atctraining.com.au
Tue Nov 27 08:13:17 EST 2001

> Hence I recommend threaded mesage board discussion on topics 
> and mailing 

No go for me, I don't have time to fish around a message board.  

> list used for important announcements and archiving of 
> solutions. Soultions 
> to problems and discussion out in the "open" will promote a healthier 
> discussion, and not create a cross post confusion
> A little order never hurt (please dont flame me or turn this into yet 
> another uselesly propagating post)
> MrMagoo

It seems we need a message board of some sort, but I feel integrating it
with the list would be the best answer.  That way, we get the best of both
worlds.  I, for one, will not visit a message board regularly (think my
average is about once every 2 months for most, if I'm lucky).  The reason is
the slow interface that forces direct user interaction between the user
(me!) and the host system (brings back memories of reading messages online
on a BBS using a 300 baud modem!).  I can read/skim/trash more than 10
emails in the time it takes to load and read a web message.  And responding
is usually even slower on the web.

For me, volume, per se isn't a problem, it's the amount of interaction with
the system that matters - and mail is miles ahead (either processing a local
file or over 10/100 Mbps LANs without lots of small components to load).

I'm more inclined to go the other way, have the discussion on the list and
have the "cream" of the howtos, tips, docs, etc posted on the web board,
where they can be permanently archived.

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