[MLB-WIRELESS] Off to the LUV installfest

Steven Haigh netwiz at optushome.com.au
Mon Nov 26 10:22:26 EST 2001

Yeah - I was hoping to attend - but it clashed with my flying lessons :(

oh well - hopefully we'll get a users meeting going soon (looking at
finalising a date in the near future for a Thursday at 7:30pm)...

Steven Haigh

Out the 100Base-T, off the firewall, through the router, down the T1,
over the leased line, off the bridge, nothing but Net.

The net will not be what we demand, but what we make it. Build it well.

>    BTW .. like Matt said, there was no one (which i saw besides matt) that
> had anything WIRELESS there. for sale, for show, for info ... which was
> dissapointing. That's why I went .. to hopefully see some enthusiasts
> or other OS)....
> *shrug*
> -PK-
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> > Only person I saw from this list was Adrian Close - sniffing around my
> > WAP!!!!
> >

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