[MLB-WIRELESS] News Server

Tony Langdon tlangdon at atctraining.com.au
Mon Nov 26 08:51:48 EST 2001

> Seconded, chill,
> (though I will admit I wasn't that impressed by MMs comment).

No argument either way. :)

> The discussion board on Melbwireless is a really good resource, or 
> could be if people replied to some of the messages there. 

You probably won't find a reply from there there.  All message boards suffer
from the same flaws as far as I'm concerned - one has to actively have to
"poll" them for new messages (email just drifts in :) ), and they have a
very slow interface (since everything has to be transferred interactively) -
and therefore a pain for those of us used to high volumes of mail (where we
can use the local CPU power to full advantage to driver the interface
independently of the network).

> First time I 
> looked at it I saw there were two or three questions and none of them 
> answered. So the only place to ask stupid questions (and I've asked a 
> few myself) is this mailing list and most newbies probably don't want 
> to subscribe because of the "boring" tech stuff.

Well, perhaps one of the items in the FAQ should be that the mailing list is
for everyone interested in wireless networking.  Stupid questions (is there
such a thing, other than the one that isn't asked? :) ) not covered in the
FAQ (when it comes) are most welcome, as is "boring technical discussion".
And the delete key is there for those messages you find boring, offensive or
whatever... :)

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